Refund Policy

1) The charges for the services rendered by Email Customer Support Number is non-refundable, unless and until, decided otherwise, by the management of Email Customer Support Number.

2) The management at Email Customer Support Number, will at its sole discretion and on a case by case basis, will be the final authority to decide on the refund of the amount and the final amount to be refunded, to the clients or customers of Email Customer Support Number.

3) If the refund is issued, then the amount of optimal fees to be deducted pre-refund, shall be decided by the management of Email Customer Support Number and their decision shall be considered full and final to the settlement by all the parties involved.

4) If the issue in consideration pops up again within the service agreement period, then it shall be re-fixed without any cost to the our esteemed clients. In case we are unable to resolve the issue, then their paid fees shall be refunded in partial or full, depending on the situation, the decision of which shall remain within the hands of Email Customer Support Number management.

5) The refund of amount can take 7-10 working days to be reflected in the customer’s account and the refund shall be credited only to the account through which the payment was made to Email Customer Support Number while paying for service subscription.

6) The issue for which refund request is made, either has to be the same or correlated to the main issue, as mentioned in the confirmation email or the service agreement signed by the customer. For example if there was printer related issue and customer is making refund request for laptop related issues, Email Customer Support Number will not consider it as a related case and hence case no request for refund shall be entertained.

Important Points:

1) One time fixed charges paid in beginning, are non-refundable, under any circumstances.

2) Paid Services that we have purchased exclusively for the better troubleshooting of client issues is non-refundable. As Email Customer Support Number has a company policy to take prior permission from our esteemed customers on electronic mail, before purchasing them and charging it to their accounts and even when Email Customer Support Number ensures to make best of its efforts to keep records of such conversations, but due to the huge volume of data we handle on regular basis, Email Customer Support Number shall not legally held liable to present the related evidence to the customer or in the court of law, in case the evidence is lost due to an act of god or an incident beyond the control of Email Customer Support Number staff and management.

3) The Email Customer Support Number tech support is provided through phone, email and live chat only. No requests for physical visits to the customer premises for any purpose whatsoever shall be entertained under any circumstances.

4) We strongly advise our esteemed clients and customers to go through the refund policy, before they subscribe to the services of Email Customer Support Number.