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How to recover AT&T account

When email account especially professional & personal ones has been compromised it becomes a very tricky situation. To get rid of such situations, just follow below steps to resolve the issues in an effective manner. If that fails to help, users can reach out to ATT Email Customer Support Number 1-300-190-431, where they will be assisted by the qualified experts within a short span of time.

First you need to confirm that whether it is a hacking issue or something else. Some of the indications are listed below:

  • Users get complaints from people in their contact list about they receiving spam from your email address.
  • Users are not receiving mails sent by you
  • Users are unable to login into their account.
  • Users can see some unknown email addresses in their sent mail folder
Procedure to recover your account

If users are finding them in any of the situation listed above, then their account has been compromised and follows below steps to resolve these issues.

  • Change email password

Immediately change your account and email password for all the devices where access your email account.

  • Create or update account security questions and answers

The users are required to change their security questions and answers set by them while creating AT&T Email.

  • Secure your computers

The users have to secure their computer from the malware as it can steal the vital data from the computer or their other devices in an easy manner if not protected:

  • The users are required to scan all the system and gadgets with an antivirus software.
  • The users have to keep it in mind that their anti-malware tool should be up-to-date as outdated malware can cause a problem for them.
  • The users are required to ensure that their operating system must be updated with new security updates.

As it is observed and analyzed that by following the instructions mentioned above, the users can resolve their all the issues related to email like compromised email account in AT&T by self.

In case, they still face some technical difficulties post following the instructions then they have an option in the form of Email Customer Care Number 1-300-190-431 where they will be assisted by the qualified professionals who will resolve the issues within a short span of time and without any hassle.

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